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XHTML-Print is a simple XHTML based datastream suitable for printing as well as for display.  It is largely based on the W3C's XHTML Basic with the addition of support for cascading style sheets (CSS).  It is targeted for printing in environments where it is not feasible or desirable to install the printer-specific driver.

XHTML-Print is not intended to provide strict layout consistency and repeatability across different printers.  Instead, it provides a simple, broadly supportable print datastream where content preservation and reproduction are the goal.  Simply put, "Content is King."

Go to the PWG Working Group Home Page for more information.

Work on XHTML-Print transitions to W3C

The minutes of XHTML-Print discussion at the January 2004 meeting of the PWG state that the PWG will pass work on XHTML-Print to the W3C

Links to Specifications

The Latest specifications from the W3C:

Specifications from the Printer Working Group:

Note:  The .95 version of this document will remain available as it is referenced by the UPNP and Bluetooth Printing Groups.


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