HXTML Skateboarding Crew Is Here

Our skateboarding Crew Is Here And Ready To Go!

Hey Everyone,

My name is Andrew Porter, I’m part of the HXTML Skatecrewshop and I have been working with the City of London for the past few years to get the City Skateplaza off the ground. You may or may not have heard but we recently broke ground on the skateplaza on January 6th. I think most of you have been contacted by the City with the sponsorship package but I wanted to follow up and let you know that we are looking for support outside of just financial donations or advertisers.

A big part of this project is getting the word out about the City Skateplaza. As a skater in the UK I think that this plaza once it’s done will be unlike anything else out here and it easily rivals other skateplazas even on the west of the UK. I was a part of the design team and we tried to replicate many of the spots we see in videos and magazines but are across the country or on the other side of the world. For many skaters who don’t get the chance to travel, this will be their chance to skate “that spot in Barcelona” or “that one spot got destroyed a few years ago.” The China Banks, the Boston City Hospital volcano, the slanted manuel pads Joey Brezinski always skates, the LA schoolyard bump to bench, the Brooklyn Banks wallride, Hubba Hideout, China’s wavy ledges Guy Mariano handled in Fully Flared- we’ve done our best to replicate all of them. Check out the preliminary 3-D Fly Though of the City Skateplaza

Maybe your company or brand has a website, blog or forum. We’re trying to get as many skaters to see what’s going on here in the City because this is a free public facility that will be open to everyone to skate or hold major UK competitions. We’re looking to partner up with brands to create collaborative products that will benefit the skateplaza but also support your brand and my skateshop with it’s sales. Hopefully the creation of a benefit wheel, shoe or deck will attract the attention of skate magazines and websites that will further the exposure of this project. I know we can’t expect handouts from anyone in this economy but I think that a smart business partnership will benefit everyone and allow brands to get exposure as well. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to get involved in one of these alternative ways.

We’ve recently gotten some coverage in the local media might give you another idea how big this project is to us. We were recently contacted by the State of PA that Bethlehem might be up for an award for their proactive projects like the skateplaza. Thanks for your time and please visit the links if you have time. If anything could be reposted on your site, that would be awesome. We’re trying to drive as many supporters to us so we can show potential sponsors that this is a project worth investing in.

Full and unedited version of “Invest in the Youth” by myself, Andy Porter. What the skateplaza is from a skater’s point of view.

The Morning Call Town Square “Invest in the Youth” article as it ran in today’s paper.

The Morning Call “Ground is Broken for the City Skateplaza.” article from January 7th

“6 Out of 7 City Council Members Prefer the City Skateplaza” – How we fought to save our funding.

Images of the construction progress on the skateplaza site.

Video from the Groundbreaking Ceremony Q&A Session

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Thank you for your time and continued support,

Andrew Porter


Our List of contributors so far

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